Discover Premier Yacht Charters and Rental Services Los Angeles, CA with LA Sailing Charters

LA Sailing offers exceptional Yacht Rentals and Charters in Los Angeles. Experience a wide range of delightful cruises, including sunset, coastal, party, whale watching, and corporate events. Join us for unforgettable trips to Catalina and admire the breathtaking Santa Barbara coast.

Relax and enjoy the stunning views of Santa Monica Bay's coastline from the comfort of our private and passenger yachts. Let our attentive staff cater to your needs. Choose your preferred adventure, submit your desired date and time for yacht rentals, and receive confirmation from Captain Joe. Embark on an incredible journey with Captain Joseph E. Pifko.

Being on the water has a calming effect, while strong winds and large seas can evoke a sense of adventure. We offer Sunset Sails, day sails, romantic dinner cruises, trips to Catalina, and multiple-day charters along the Los Angeles coast.

Every sailing vacation with us is a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the wind, waves, and the vibrant life of Los Angeles. Our yacht charters cater to various interests and tastes. To learn more about Yacht Rental in Los Angeles or to plan your sailing adventure, contact Captain Joseph E. Pifko at 424.259.3231.

Unleash Your Adventure with LA Sailing - Yacht Rental and Charter Los Angeles

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Sea life is also part of the adventure!

Experience the awe of encountering dolphins surfing the bow wave and swimming alongside during your Yacht Rental in Los Angeles.

Keep an eye out for seasonal whale sightings, adding to the thrill of your charter adventure.

Embark on Your Unforgettable Yacht Charter Adventure Los Angeles, CA

Step 1. Select your desired adventure in Los Angeles.
Step 2. Provide the requested date and time for your Yacht Sailing in Los Angeles, CA.
Step 3. Receive confirmation from Captain Joe, your trusted guide in Los Angeles.
Step 4. Indulge in the ultimate yacht adventure in the stunning Los Angeles Bay.

Experience Thrilling Sea Adventures with LA Sailing: Yacht Rentals Los Angeles

Sunset Cruise
1) Enjoy a 2-hour special with a boarding time of 6 PM, and immerse yourself in the mesmerizing sunset views.

Harbor Cruise (2 – 4 hours)
2) Discover the charming sights of Marina Del Rey while indulging in a delightful dinner, breathtaking sunsets, delectable food, refreshing drinks, and endless fun.
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